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This month Deaf Equity is partnering with many amazing community organizations to raise awareness, and funds and share information. All events are free! Join us.

April 14th, 2022: Meet the 2022 University of Minnesota Deaf College Bowl Team!

Banner ID: Maroon Facebook banner with gold text. Header across bottom: “Meet the 2022 University of Minnesota Deaf College Bowl Team!” Above, are three headshots of the current team, from L to R: Miaya Herbst, Kyle Johnson-Bee, Katie Jo Anderson. Each headshot is framed in white. Text on left side: “Please join us for a fun and exciting night of trivia! Thursday, April 14, 2022. 8-930pm CST. Zoom. We are fundraising towards conference expenses to attend the 2022 NAD conference in Orlando, FL.”

Join this fun Zoom event to meet the University of Minnesota Deaf College Bowl (CoBo) team and engage in an exciting virtual game and learn some fun trivia about some of the coolest facts of Minnesota! Do not need to be a Minnesotan to play! Led by the current College Bowl team members and alumni, who are ready to challenge you to some fun!

This event is a fundraiser to help the team secure funding for their trip to the 2022 National Association of the Deaf (NAD) conference in June 2022. Funds will be used towards registration, airfare, hotel, and per diem expenses. We accept any donation, big or small!

Captioning and ASL/Voice Interpreters provided.

Please visit the Deaf Equity website to make your donation, or send a check to Deaf Equity C/O College Bowl, 59 Litchfield Street W. Saint Paul, Minnesota 55117.

Date: Thursday, April 14

Time: 8 pm CST- 9:30 pm

Meeting ID: 828 3859 5666

Passcode: 920088

April 21st, 2022- Meet Park Ranger, Greta Smith

Image: A person (Greta) in a photograph with short hair, a collared shirt, with a background of Mountains. Greta's image is on a flyer that this all green with green tree branches in the background. There are white words that say Virtual Adventure with Greta Smith. In white letters the date of April 21st- 6 pm CST on Zoom. Free Event for All! There is a logo o the left with white background, a green tree, and people in a circle. The letters Wilderness Inquiry. There is a logo on the right that is a white background, black letters deaf equity with a yellow bar across with braille dots.

Have you ever met a deaf district park ranger? Join Deaf Equity and Wilderness Inquiry on a virtual adventure learning about the impactful work of Greta Smith with the National Forest Service.

This event is open and free to all ages. Teachers, an awesome extra credit opportunity for students!

See Riss and John on FB Live video at FB: Deaf Equity.

April 24th, 2022- Thompson Hall Deaf Club Elevator and Renovation Project Spotlight!

ID: Yellow and black flyer. The left side has a yellow background, a picture of TH Deaf club in the middle, and in black words:

* Meet the committee

* Updates on the Project

* What's next

* How you can support

* Gift card drawing

Meeting ID: 833 6083 7475

Passcode: 530545

On the right side, a flyer is black. It has Charles Thompson Hall Logo on the upper right corner with an image of CTH. It has white lettering, Sunday, April 24th, 6:00 p.m. -7:00 p.m. on zoom with the zoom link.

Zoom meeting link:

Meeting ID: 833 6083 7475

Passcode: 530545

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