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What's Up Deaf Equity?

Summer is always busy with us as we volunteer with many organizations.

Deaf Equity was at Twin Cities Pride and volunteered in partnership with Minnesota Deaf Queers and many other booths. Deaf Equity connected with many community members, and organizations, and had the opportunity to do outreach about our upcoming Community Cookout! Image of Deaf Equity in partnership with others at the booth.

Image of many parade and booth partner participants including Deaf Equity in a group photo outside facing the camera. There are tents behind us and trees surrounding us.

Deaf Equity volunteered with the Deaf Artist in Residency Program. Migdalia Rogers represented Deaf Equity.

Image of Migdalia on the left, with brown hair, brown glasses, and a blue shirt, smiling at the camera. Image of Cynthia on the right, with long brown hair, glasses, and a blue shirt facing the camera.

Join us for our Annual Community Cookout! In partnership with Keystone Interpreting Solutions, Minnesota Deaf Muslim Community, and others, we will be hosting our cookout at the Highland Park Shelter.

Facepainting. Firefighter. Signing Police. Food. Games. Playground. Social. Prizes. Snowcones.

Stay tuned for our many upcoming Fall plans! See you at the cookout!

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