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Volunteers matter.

Deaf Equity would like to extend deep gratitude to all of our Volunteers.

The cookout would not be a success with your support. Thank you for being so kind.

Thank you partners:

Keystone Interpreting Solutions, Minnesota Deaf Muslim Community, and Minnesota DeafBlind services. Thank you to all the staff who are volunteering within all these partnerships.

Thank you, Volunteers:

Lindsey Moon Jessica Eggert Pam Burry

Del Anderson Laura Skyquest James Paul Beldon

Kathy Manlapas Laura Perez Patrick Vellia

Najmo Jama Alex Drake Sharon Cooper

Hamid Wadud Valerie Shirley Mary Catherine

Julie Pleski John Wilson Jackie Correa-Alley

Ellie Kidder Suzanne Warwick Bethany Gehman

Jer Loudenback Albert Walla Alicia Lane-Outlaw

Sander Johnson Kendra Richardson Bethany Engstrom

Starlight Thao

Deaf Equity is a volunteer organization that believe that when we work together, great things happen! Thanks for being part of that!

BEE Kind.

Deaf Equity

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