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Join the Expert Network.

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Connections are important. Meet community members, groups and organizations here. Learn from a topic expert, find a posting about an upcoming need, or share community news.

Network, Connect & Build Community.

This is a space for you to explore. Learn of experts in our community. Gain Knowledge. Give Knowledge. Be part of the network. Everyone is an expert in something.

Have something you want to share. Do you offer a specific workshop or service? Have you launched a new FB page with helpful information? Will you be hosting an event? Are you looking for a service, support or to gather resources? Contact us to post here.

Stronger, together.

We know to build community, we must support one and another. We know to support one and another, we must collaborate. We know to collaborate, we must work together. We know to work together, we must respect, honor and love another. We know to respect, honor and love another, we must come together. We invite you to come together.

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