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Thank you for supporting your Community organization by donating today!

In the past year, during COVID, we offered 15 opportunities online. The outcome was amazing, even with everyone Zoom fatigued. By teaching Zoom classes, we created an opportunity where everyone can be part of the online world!

COVID is not over. We have many requests to keep our community together by offering Empowerment Series workshops. We have a waitlist!

You may have attended some:

* Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

*Budgeting/Credit Scores

* Thinking of Buying a home? Meet your future Realtors. All three!

* Suicide Awareness

*Mental Health Services Professionals

*Learn about Deaf Business owners: Pam's Delicious BBQ

*Collaborations with other organizations: Meet Wilderness Inquiry

*Game Night

* Drop in Wednesdays, Get help with learning Zoom, your PPT presentation, Reading those difficult papers, creating a budget for yourself, you name it, our teachers are ready!

So what do you we need? We are raising money for access funds. During these times, we covered Interpreters, DeafBlind Interpreters and want to be able to offer that and CART to every person of the community who asks.

$5.00, $15.00, $50.00, or $500.00- Your support means a lot!

Thank you for supporting YOUR community organization.

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