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Deaf Equity is a local, community based, non-profit organization managed by board members and operated by volunteers.

The seed was planted 10 years ago. Ideas were discussed for about three years as different leaders figured out what they wanted to see change in their community. The brainstorm sessions took place 7 years ago, and the idea evolved six 6 years ago, the founders gathered 5 years ago to cement the plan and four years ago the paperwork became official.

An organization that belongs to the community, where all ideas are valued, all people are equal in leadership, and anyone can be part of the work to enhance the quality of life for all and make our community better, together.

Our Mission is to advance equity and access for diverse communities of Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing through Education, Community Engagement, Empowerment, and Advocacy.


We work with all community members and community organizations on projects that address current trends, gaps, and needs within the community. All projects are led by volunteers of Deaf Equity. Projects are suggested by community members and many community members propose a project that they want to lead. Some project founders and board members organize and lead.

Here are some of our long term and Annual Projects:

Empowerment Series and workshops

Thompson Hall Deaf Club Renovation/Elevator Project

Signing Santa

Community Cookout

Community Engagement events (Census, Voting, & Redistricting)

Family Friendly Events

Providing fiscal sponsorship to other small clubs or non -profits

How are we funded and supported?


Donations from the community



Do we have any staff?

No, at this time we are growing our Volunteers. If a project requires full time focus, we contract with individuals interested in that project to be paid a contract fee/stipend. As experienced past non profit business folks, we know that operating a full time non profit, with business location, and all the other expenses are not needed in today’s world. We can achieve our mission through our work plan and goals through volunteers and contractors and this is cost effective. We also know that we can do this online and meet in public spaces open to all. COVID-19 proved that.

So, whats up this month? GIVE TO THE MAX DAY! November 18th, 2021.

Deaf Equity is seeking donations to continue to operate their Empowerment Series workshops by providing full access to Interpreters, DeafBlind Interpreters and CART services.

Your donation today is tax deductible and will help us continue to offer our Empowerment Series (workshops requested by community members) fully accessible.

Thank you for considering. No donation is too small. $5.00/$50.00/$500.00

Check out our Give to the Max Day message from Migdalia Rogers

Migdalia Rogers, Deaf Equity's Treasurer

Image Description: A woman with black background, green shirt, wearing glasses and black hair is pulled back

Transcription: Hi everyone, My name is Migdalia Rogers and I am Deaf Equity's Treasurer. I look at the budget to make sure we can pay for Interpreters for every workshop that we host. Now we are participating in Give to the Max, and we are asking the community to possibly donate so that we can continue to pay for ASL Interpreters and make is more accessible with CART and with DeafBlind Interpreters. We don't charge for the workshops, and we would like for EVERYONE to be able to come and watch. I appreciate your support and THANK YOU for your donations. You have a good day, everyone. Remember, In a world where you can be anything, Be Kind!

Prefer to do a check: Send to Migdalia Rogers, Deaf Equity Treasurer

59 Litchfield Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55114

Prefer Paypal:

Thank you for your support, your donations make a difference!

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