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Deaf Equity/KIS & Minnesota Deaf Muslim Community Cookout!

Do you plan to join us! We hope so! Please check out our RSVP link and all the listed activities that we have planned! This Cookout is FREE, but requires RSVP so we know how many to plan for. This cookout is being sponsored by three organizations and we welcome anyone else who wants to partner this year.

Why a Community cookout?

It creates a space where we can come together, to embrace and celebrate our great community. It is our way of saying thank you for your support, thank you for using our services, and thank you for all that you do! In addition, it is a way for us to come together, have fun, and enjoy one and another's company. It has been SO long! The pandemic has isolated so many of us, it's time to come together and have fun!

Family Friendly?

Yes, that is our top priority. There is something for everyone. Click on our RSVP and you will see our schedule of different events. Disc Golf, Facepainting, Firefighter visit, Ice cream truck visit, Kids' Park, Arts and Crafts, and lots more!


There is a lot of parking, and it is easy to access the park. Bring your hammocks! Bring your lawn chairs if you wish, your blanket to sit on, your own lawn games. There is plenty of Space.

How can I help?

Please sign up to be a volunteer. Help with kids games, cookout, serving food, set up and clean up. It takes a community to have a big Cookout. We had over 300 in attendance two years ago, and this was a success because of our Volunteers. Please share this Cookout announcement with your friends and community. Questions?

ID: Image of a person with blue nike hat, black/white shirt painting the face of a child. The child's face is being painted purple, with whiskers which looks like a cat. The child is wearing a unicorn horn. There is another child standing by in white shirt with glasses, watching the child be painted.

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