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Deaf Equity at Deaf Nations!

Find us at Deaf Nations this weekend on Saturday, October 8th, 2022 from 9-5 p.m.

Deaf Equity got the Census Planning Grant for 2023. What does this mean? Deaf Equity will participate in planning for the next Census with previous members of the past Census grant we got. What is neat about this is Deaf Equity is working closely with many small non profits who also participated in the redistricting like we did so building that relationship across Minnesota has been wonderful.

Deaf Equity has been providing training to hearing organizations on best practice working with the Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing. Our next organization is United Health!

Deaf Equity has partnered with Wilderness Inquiry for an amazing January, Winter Trails Day event! See our attached flyer.

Deaf Equity has partnered with Minnesota Deaf Queers for National Coming Out Day!

We are humbled to be asked to support this important event.

Check for more information.

Deaf Equity has partnered with Thompson Hall Deaf Club and many Deaf Eco System Businesses to bring you a fabulous FALL event.

Pumpkins. S'mores by Wilderness Inquiry, Caricatures by Ellie, Silent Beauty Flowers by Amanda, Photography business and Voters Outreach by MNCDHH to name a few. Buy food from Thompson Hall to support their Renovation project!

More to come! Flyer attached.

Did you know DE is having a Birthday Luncheon? November 6th, 2022 at 11:30 a.m. at Como Lake Dock and Paddle Building, on the second floor in the waterfall room. Celebrating our 7 year Journey, 5 year birthday and our future! You can be our guest, please RSVP to deaf and buy your ticket at

Fall Raking and Snow Shoveling Volunteers needed! Be part of the Doing Good Community by volunteering to Rake or Shovel for our Senior Citizens or those with disabilities that prevent them to do it.

Support Thompson Hall Deaf Club: One of our long term projects led by Empowerment Director, Krissy Foreman and the wonderful team at TH.

Pledge $20.00 a month or donate $500.00 and your name can be on the TH Wall!

A message from Herman: Did you know that if we have 6,000 people pledging just $20 a month for 2 years or $500, We will raise close to $3 million dollars and enough to build everything! Let's come together as a community and do this!

Deaf Equity is preparing for Give to the Max Day. November 17th, 2022! You can support our amazing organization by donating to us!

Workshops coming soon! Check back often or email us! Do you have an idea that you want to share, a project that you need support with? Want to present a workshop. We love to have you share your talents with us.

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