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Congratulations Migdalia Rogers!

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Our very own board member just graduated from Finance Coaching Program.

Many of you know Migdalia in the community. She is an an advocate on many levels.

Tell us about Finance Coaching?

The truth is there is a lot of DEBT out there. Our community does not have many resources available to them. I want to help them navigate that. - Migdalia Rogers

The finance coaching program is one way that I can support our community. My knowledge and expertise combined my experience in the community and of course, my language, ASL, I am able to meet their needs.

I was recruited by an agency that was struggling to meet the needs of Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing.

When I needed this service, nothing was available. That changes today and with me.

As a single mom, navigating resources to stay afloat, to support my child, to make sure we had a home, to be aware of all the programs, I had none of that information. I had to navigate the system, learning from my mistakes, BIG mistakes. I want to change that. I will change that. I survived. Many of us do. You probably did, too. However; why isn't there a service, a program that saves you the trouble, helps you navigate the confusion and build your future with confidence.

Finance Coaching with Migdalia

I will be offering Finance Coaching for a fee. Deaf Equity will be sponsoring workshops for a fee. You can hire me as a your own personal Finance Coach. We are working to launch a program through Deaf Equity that is fully funded that allows individual with no income, low income, single family homes that need the resources but cannot afford the services. I know how that felt, I want to make this possible for all and I will.

Inquire with Migdalia by emailing

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