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BEE- you, go ahead and apply!

YOU ARE INVITED: to apply to be a serving and working board member with the current Deaf Equity team, volunteers and community.

IT IS MORE SIMPLE, than it is complicated:


Deaf Equity is a unique non profit organization that is community and volunteer based. Deaf Equity believes that everyone is a leader. At Deaf Equity, we pride ourselves in working with community members and community partners to give back to our shared community. We believe as a member of this community, it is our job to empower one and another and show our support so that everyone can be the best versions of themselves. At Deaf Equity, we honor that space. We welcome all ages, walks of life, and experiences. It is a place where we create, grow, learn and make mistakes. It is a place of brainstorming, problem solving and doing that again and again. It is a place where your existence and what you bring to the table is valued and respected.


I think the question is are there any limits to what we can do? NO.

Here is what we have been doing....

We are an organization that identifies community gaps and create projects to address them.

Through our Empowerment Series, members ask to learn about specific topics. Sometimes the presenter wants to share information or it is a topic that is requested by community members. It can also be a skill that we teach, such as finances and budget, or support system that is needed by spotlighting services and referrals. To purpose is to network and connect.

We create connections through community events such as our Annual Community Cookout, Fall Pumpkin Giveaway and our Holiday events. At these social events, all ages come together to be in a space and opportunity together.

We are often called to Action through project partners such as the recent projects with the Census, Map it Minnesota , providing in kind support through our board to the Elevator Project or fundraising through Give to the Max to support our organization and our partners who ask to work together.

There are no limits. We are challenged all the time to develop more and address more marginalized populations in our Deaf, Deafblind and Hard of Hearing community. We love the challenge and we love those who have stepped up, as experts, to lead.

With all that, we do what we can, with the people we have and take it one day at a time.

We invite you to join us to do good.

If your heart fluttered like ours does when we talk about this passion-

Image description of deaf equity logo with white background, black letters (Deaf Equity) and two yellow lines with black dots spelling out in braille, deaf equity.

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