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Annual Community Cookout Cancelled due to Weather.

Video description: There are three boxes. On the left is a white male (Jimmy) with brown glasses and a black shirt with the KIS logo. On the right, there is a black female (Valerie), wearing a hijab and clear glasses. On the bottom, there is a white male with a beard and mustache wearing a black shirt with Bee symbol representing Deaf Equity. Transcription: Hello Good Morning, Hello everyone, I am John Fetcher with Deaf Equity. Hello, I am Jimmy Beldon with KIS. Hello, I am Valerie Shirley with MDMC. As many of you probably are doing, we have been tracking the weather. You are probably wondering if our Annual Community cookout is still on? After discussion with community partners, and looking at weather channels, including the concerns and thoughts of our community, we decided as a team to cancel the event for today. What's next? Will there be another date? We do not want to promise anything but we are looking at POSSIBLE Fall dates. As a team, we will look at schedules, and if we can find a date that works for the Fall, you will see new and updated information for our Fall cookout. If we decide that this year will not work, we will keep you posted on that, too. We appreciate your support, and your excitement to be part of our Annual Cookout and we were looking forward to seeing you. Your safety is important to us. Keep a watch on all of our pages (DE/KIS/MDMC)

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